Transfer your old VHS videos to DVD or transfer 8mm Film to DVD

We convert the following formats to DVD:

  • VHS, VHS-C
  • Digital 8, Hi 8 , Video 8
  • Mini DV
  • WMF & AFI files
  • Digital Camera Cards
  • Slides & Photos
  • 8mm, 16mm & Super 8 film
  • Video Production & DVD replication available
  • Other formats on request

We also create Corporate Videos & Television Commercials

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Welcome to DVDitNOW!

You are visiting our site because you probably have old film or VHS tapes or photos or slides that you want transferred and converted to the more up to date format of DVD. Very wise move! Old footage on VHS tapes and film reels do degrade over time, even whilst they’re just sitting in storage. So to protect your memories we can transfer your old film to DVD now.


We are specialists in to transferring 8mm or 16mm Film to DVD, VHS to DVD, Super 8 to DVD, 8mm Video to DVD, Hi-8 to DVD, Digital 8 to DVD, Mini DV to DVD, Betamax to DVD, - in fact we can convert most formats to DVD and we can even transfer your old photos, photo negatives and 35mm slide scanning to DVD.

By transferring your precious memories onto DVD format, you will ensure that they are there to hand down to your future generations. Your children and grand children will thank you in years to come that you made the effort to protect and save these memories and their heritage onto a more secure format.

PLEASE NOTE: For copyright reasons, we don’t transfer video tapes comprising of commercial movies, or VHS tapes of programs that you have recorded from the TV for commercial reasons.

Its best to transfer your VHS video tapes to DVD now before it’s too late!


  • Many of the old video cassette recorders are now obsolete and most retailers don’t stock them any more

  • Video tapes are too easy to damage

  • Old VHS players can actually harm or destroy your VHS tapes – especially when they get caught and ‘chewed’ in the old machines.


Note; we can splice and repair damaged parts of your VHS tape reels, but the actual damaged parts can never be replaced


Time is the main killer of the old VHS video tapes even when they are just sitting in the storage cupboard or boxes!


Excess Heat and moisture also ruins the VHS video tape footage as well as magnetic fields such as storing the tapes too close to your stereo speakers.


Protect your precious memories by transferring your valuable and irreplaceable video tapes or your old 8mm or 16mm film reels to DVD today


  • Videos of the kids birthday parties and special events

  • Videos of Christmas with the family and children

  • Holiday videos, anniversaries or other special events

  • Family members sporting achievements

  • School play or music recitals videos or other special achievement occasions

  • PLUS all your other home movie video tapes

Our DVD transfer service specializes in converting VHS & Camcorder formats to DVD, as well as 8mm film reels, Video8, Hi8, Digital 8 and mini DV video tapes plus we also transfer old photos, negatives or slides to DVD.

So drop us a line and we’ll get onto preserving and protecting your memories right away so for years to come you’ll still be able to enjoy reminiscing with your footage on DVD.

At we take pride in converting and transferring your Wedding, Holiday, Birthday and all your other home & family video recordings to DVD. We also offer a service of editing up your baby’s first year footage and photos into a “Your Baby” DVD with a music sound track of your choice. Please ask us about our editing services. We have a fully equipped edit suite so we can also edit up special occasions such as your children’s birthday parties or sporting events into DVDs using only the footage that you want and with sound tracks of your choice.

We are based in South Australia but we service the whole of Australia. For an additional fee, we offer our interstate and country customers, a pickup and delivery service for you via Australia Post, using either Registered Post or Express Post, or TNT courier service. For Adelaide Metro customers, we can arrange pick up and deliveries via courier if that is easier for you.

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